Island Rainbows

Cover Art:  Rainbow over Breaching Humpback Whale”
by Jeff Vanuga

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Hot Dancing F. Tuma 4:33
Holding You Close F. Tuma 4:11
Can’t Stop Moving F. Tuma 5:17
You Dance Hot F. Tuma 4:10
Brings Back Memories F. Tuma 5:52
I’ll Never Forget This F. Tuma 4:19
What Does The Future Hold? F. Tuma 6:46
Memories From So Long Ago F. Tuma 5:42
What Are You Thinking? F. Tuma 4:52
Smooth and Delicate F. Tuma 4:20
I’m Thinking of You F. Tuma 5:52
Perfect Together F. Tuma 5:10
Long After I Remember F. Tuma 7:11
Live and Enjoy F. Tuma 6:00
Everyone Watches You F. Tuma 4:20

This CD contains many of my favorite styles of music. Some of the styles are well known and liked by many music fans, such as Bossa Novas, Sambas, Gipsy, Latin Jazz, Calypso, Limbo … to name a few. As soon as you hear these music styles playing you want to move and dance. While we live, why not enjoy to the fullest!

Island Melodies

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Dancing in the Caribbean F. Tuma 4:57
Forgiving Makes Life Good F. Tuma 7:06
Traveling South F. Tuma 5:26
We’re Having A Great Time F. Tuma 5:00
We’re Getting Closer To Paradise F. Tuma 5:07
Didn’t Meant To Make You Sad F. Tuma 7:38
Sailing and Dreaming F. Tuma 5:56
Thinking of You Brings a Smile F. Tuma 5:52
Saving Time for More of You F. Tuma 5:27
Our Paths Crossed F. Tuma 6:33
Love You So Much F. Tuma 6:23
Can’t Leave Me Now F. Tuma 7:40
Hot Moonlight Dancing F. Tuma 4:32

This CD is full of beautiful love music that makes you want to be with your partner.  The rhythms are still there but you feel like you’re outside on a star filled night remembering all the wonderful and beautiful things that you have experienced in your life.  It also makes you want to have more music.  Some songs may bring tears to your eyes, but you will want more of those kinds of songs.  Enjoy.

Island Carnival

Cover Art:
Adapted from Posters by
Bruno Barbier and Ryuji Adachi

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Island Dreamer F. Tuma 5:21
My Bahama Baby F. Tuma 5:20
Pine Island Nights F. Tuma 5:00
California Stroll F. Tuma 5:23
Remember Those Days F. Tuma 6:08
Come Dream With Me F. Tuma 6:38
Afternoon Love Song F. Tuma 5:20
Cape Coral Daze F. Tuma 7:16
Drunk On Your Love F. Tuma 4:40
Love At Midnight F. Tuma 5:22
Follow My Heart F. Tuma 6:09
Take Me Home, Baby F. Tuma 6:35
Will You Remember Me? F. Tuma 5:27

This CD will keep you smiling and moving.  You will probably want to find someone to dance with as well.  The CD has strong and hot Caribbean music from the songs Island Dreamer, Pine Island Nights, Drunk on Your Love and My Bahama Baby.  Many songs will bring back memories from your young dancing days.  If you don’t or cannot dance much anymore, you will keep moving while wishing you were dancing.  Enjoy!

Island Whispers

Cover Art:  Megan Aroon Duncanson
“Eye of the Universe”

iTunes Downloads
Groovin F. Tuma 7:04
Sal Blues F. Tuma 4:39
Bajon F. Tuma 5:00
Sacar F. Tuma 7:40
P Bossa Nova F. Tuma 7:10
Beguine F. Tuma 7:10
M Samba F. Tuma 5:12
Gypsy 1 F. Tuma 5:07
Carnival F. Tuma 4:16
Marcela F. Tuma 5:03
Asereje F. Tuma 6:17
Chihuahua F. Tuma 5:34
LaCollegiala F. Tuma 6:12

The music styles of the songs on this CD come from South, Central and North America and Europe.  The song variations make this CD very interesting.  However, one thing is for sure: the rhythms are exotic and come from many different rhythm instruments from around the world.  While composing and arranging the songs, I had a difficult time keeping myself from dancing.  If we are not feeling up to par, or are tired, we need to turn on this music and let the rhythmic sounds take us back to happiness.  Enjoy!

Island Adventures

Cover Art: Dennis Frates
“Secluded Beach”

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South Bound Train F. Tuma 6:33
New Age F. Tuma 7:07
Classic Bachata F. Tuma 5:02
Can’t Leave This Place F. Tuma 5:52
Rock Cha Cha F. Tuma 6:16
Blue Grass F. Tuma 5:19
Brazil Is Calling F. Tuma 4:37
Serenade F. Tuma 5:45
Jamaica On My Mind F. Tuma 7:30
Dance The Rumba With Me F. Tuma 3:53
Evening Tide F. Tuma 7:33
Best I Can F. Tuma 6:02
Mystery Of Love F. Tuma 5:22

These songs are from memories based on strong emotions that come from adventures at sea and beautiful places.  The times of these memories are spread out and occasionally I wonder if they really happened, or if I was dreaming.

In a way it doesn’t matter.  The resulting music is stimulating, rhythmic and beautiful.  When I play the songs or hear them on my CDs, the memories flash back to me and I experience everything over again.

Frank’s Favorites

Cover Art:  “Abstract Artwork of the
Evolution of Life” by Chris Butler

iTunes Downloads
Fabio Caribbean F. Tuma 4:47
Come Party with Me F. Tuma 3:37
Dance to Rhythm F. Tuma 5:30
Seashore F. Tuma 5:10
Gipsy F. Tuma 4:40
Here Comes the Dawn F. Tuma 5:30
Sailing to Paradise F. Tuma 7:54
Miss You So F. Tuma 5:26
Frank’s Mambo F. Tuma 4:31
I Don’t Care F. Tuma 7:42
Ricky F. Tuma 6:18
Mambo 2000 F. Tuma 5:14
Caribbean Frank F. Tuma 4:11
Come to America F. Tuma 6:20

This CD comes from songs that I worked on for the last 15 or so years. Sometimes I stop arranging  the  music,  mainly   because I can’t make it work, and a few months go by and I get a feeling or idea for it, but I’m working on another set of songs.

I found that I had about 30 of these and so I spent about a month working on them and filled up almost 80 minutes using 14 of these songs.  I really love these songs, because they take me back in time and I remember some very wonderful things.  I’m sure you will like them also.

Island Fireworks

Cover Art:  “Fireworks”
By Michael Creese

iTunes Downloads
Tribal 1 F. Tuma 5:19
Latin Jazz F. Tuma 5:00
Pop Ska F. Tuma 5:04
Down and Dirty Bar F. Tuma 5:08
Please Take Me Home F. Tuma 4:15
African Plains F. Tuma 5:36
Club Latin F. Tuma 5:20
Modern Ballad F. Tuma 6:43
Rock Oldie F. Tuma 6:22
Pop Rock F. Tuma 5:25
Ambient Ballad F. Tuma 6:48
Pop Ballad 2 F. Tuma 6:02
Blues Ballad F. Tuma 7:44

As is usual, this CD is very rhythmic.  The songs bring back some very interesting 1960s rock music that makes us move.  There are some African songs that keep us dancing as well.

I remember playing this kind of music on pianos before the high tech keyboards were available.  But in those days, we would really make the pianos hot at parties and gigs.  I’m sure this CD will bring back great memories … enjoy!

Island Boats

Cover Art:  “Ships of Freedom”
By Leonid Afremov

iTunes Downloads
Tickle Me with Bossa Nova F. Tuma 6:01
Greek Rumba F. Tuma 4:22
Scottish Reel F. Tuma 4:22
Mad Ska F. Tuma 5:30
Cuarteto F. Tuma 4:09
Classic Funk F. Tuma 6:04
Latin Rock Hit F. Tuma 5:16
Half Time Guitar F. Tuma 7:10
Latin Jazz F. Tuma 5:00
Sailing and Dreaming F. Tuma 6:52
Gipsy 1 F. Tuma 4:44
Swing Ballad F. Tuma 4:35
Pop Cha Cha F. Tuma 4:36
Rumba Napolitana F. Tuma 4:32

The rhythmic music of this CD is from countries around the earth: Bossa Novas from South America, Ska and Cuarteto from the Caribbean, Jazz and Rock from Latino sources.  The CD has Scottish music and Rumbas from European countries.  There’s Gipsy and Cha Cha, songs also with great rhythms.  There is music for our many moods and memories.  Dance and enjoy the Rhythms of the Universe.

Island View

Cover Art: “Peaceful Retreat”
by Lois Brezinski

iTunes Downloads
Gipsey F. Tuma 4:40
Beat Groove F. Tuma 5:24
Jazz Quartet F. Tuma 6:10
Dance of Love Bolero F. Tuma 5:36
Island View F. Tuma 5:55
Latin Bolero F. Tuma 5:33
Slow and Jazzy F. Tuma 5:31
Talkin Jazz F. Tuma 6:46
Lite Beguine F. Tuma 7:14
Burt’s Bounce F. Tuma 6:10
Celtic Dream F. Tuma 4:00
Blues F. Tuma 7:42
Afro / Cuban Jazz F. Tuma 4:21

This CD contains catchy and great styles of very rhythmic music. There are four songs with Jazz in their titles, for slow and easy listening that draws you in and gets you dreaming about romantic dancing experiences. There are Boleros and Beguines that are romantically hot that make you think in terms of love and why we are here on this beautiful planet in our universe. The songs, “Island View” and “Celtic Dreams” make us remember a paradise that we have experienced or want to experience in the near future.

There are also Blues and Grooves that put us in a New Orleans bar that’s a hot musical paradise, and the rhythmic beat goes on.

Island Shadows

Cover Art: “Sunset Pier”
By Marco Carmassi

iTunes Downloads
Mas Que Latino F. Tuma 4:30
Flamenco 4/4 F. Tuma 5:10
Sabor F. Tuma 5:11
Acoustic Shuffle F. Tuma 6:01
Slow Bolero F. Tuma 6:30
Flamenco 3/4 F. Tuma 4:00
Latin Vocal F. Tuma 6:46
Norteno F. Tuma 5:25
Easy Ballad 2 F. Tuma 4:25
Mad Ska F. Tuma 5:34
Vocal Jazz F. Tuma 5:11
Italian Mazurka F. Tuma 5:16
Laughing Calypso F. Tuma 5:30
Jazz Salsa F. Tuma 6:37

The fourteen songs on this 76+ minutes CD are hot and have the beautiful sounds of the Caribbean. They are memories of the music styles that we loved so much on our trips through beautiful Caribbean waters. As is usual on our CDs, we emphasized the great rhythms and counter rhythms but without smash-bang noisy drums. Instead, the rhythm instruments add sounds that make us want to dance and enjoy.

Island Calypso

Cover Art:  Frank in Tobago

iTunes Downloads
Calypso Dreaming F. Tuma 6:48
Salsa Plus F. Tuma 5:10
Calypso Love F. Tuma 7:07
Gipsy Dance F. Tuma 4:40
Salsa de Puerto Rico F. Tuma 6:12
Salsa 1 F. Tuma 4:43
Fast Bossa Nova F. Tuma 6:23
Calypso Francisco F. Tuma 6:09
Salsa de Barrio F. Tuma 4:44
Calypso in My Heart F. Tuma 6:51
Salsa 2 F. Tuma 5:12
Analog Beat 1 F. Tuma 7:09
Calypso Memories F. Tuma 7:10

This CD was a lot of pleasure for me to compose and arrange. Sharon and I visited the Caribbean and enjoyed the music very much. This CD cover, “Island Calypso,” is a photograph that Sharon took of me admiring some steel drums on Tobago.

I have always loved Calypso music and there are five Calypsos on this CD. They all have different tempos and therefore different emotional stimulation. There are also five Salsa style songs, and they are also quite different from each other. The other song styles on this CD also contribute very nicely with their strong and unique rhythms, which are so important to me and my island music.

Island Reflections

Cover Art: “Beautiful Full Moon Reflected
on the Calm Water of a Tropical Beach”
by Kamira

iTunes Downloads
Modern Bossa Nova F. Tuma 6:53
Latin Club F. Tuma 5:23
Unplugged Ballad 3 F. Tuma 5:48
Bayon F. Tuma 4:45
Pop Beguine F. Tuma 6:11
Tortura Dance F. Tuma 4:47
Modern Beguine F. Tuma 7:05
Bolera 1 F. Tuma 7:07
Guitar Pop F. Tuma 4:36
Modern Tango F. Tuma 6:41
Beguine F. Tuma 7:10
Latin Bolero F. Tuma 5:40
Classic Beguine F. Tuma 7:10

I have a passion for Caribbean music and  music with powerful and interesting rhythms.  I am not into smash-bang drums.  The rhythm instruments must be somewhat unique and changing as the song changes.  This kind of rhythm keeps our attention, and we wonder what is coming next.

The song styles on this CD certainly do grab our attention  They are Bossa Novas, Beguines, Boleros, Bayons and Latin, plus a few other very interesting styles.

Island Hideaway

Cover Art:  “Seaside Hideaway”
R.  Sipos

iTunes Downloads
Unplugged Beat F. Tuma 5:27
Flamenco F. Tuma 5:13
Orchestra Bossa Nova F. Tuma 7:08
Samba Power F. Tuma 5:00
Pasodoble F. Tuma 5:32
Latin 3/4 F. Tuma 5:02
Unplugged 16 Beat F. Tuma 6:00
Latin Bolero F. Tuma 5:40
Paso Dance F. Tuma 4:56
Kool Beat F. Tuma 7:15
Macarena F. Tuma 5:25
Unplugged Swing F. Tuma 7:40
Classic Beguine F. Tuma 7:25

We have provided music styles on this CD that give us not only beautiful melodies but also extraordinary rhythms that make us want to dance.  We used several Unplugged song styles with some very interesting melodies and applied rhythmic beats which result in very beautiful effects.  We also used styles like Sambas, Boleros and Beguines which have naturally excellent rhythms.  Many dancers love the rhythms of Bossa Nova, Macarena, and Flamenco music which are also on this CD.

Please listen and enjoy this exciting dance music.

Island Tranquility

Cover Art: “Sunrise at Pineland”
by Dianna Willman

iTunes Downloads
Cuban Cha Cha F. Tuma 6:28
Gipsy Party F. Tuma 5:37
Limbo Easy F. Tuma 5:06
Meneaito F. Tuma 6:16
Unplugged Ballad F. Tuma 5:35
Limbo Rock F. Tuma 5:12
Pop Bossa Nova F. Tuma 5:31
Classic Merengue F. Tuma 4:30
Bachata Easy F. Tuma 6:19
Unplugged Guitar F. Tuma 6:10
Orchestra Bossa Nova 2 F. Tuma 7:13
Bossa Nova 3168 F. Tuma 4:41
Island Lullaby F. Tuma 5:50

This CD provides several styles of music that will entice folks to dance with enthusiasm. The music provides rhythms and counter beats that came from the Central and South American countries and the Caribbean Islands where folks learn to dance when they are very young children. I remember many occasions when the island bands providing the entertainment would take a break and their younger relatives would take over the instruments and rock the place with their enthusiasm and wild rhythms.

These beautiful Caribbean music styles have made people happy for many years. I have always been a bit upset when the Caribbean natives would try to make us happy by playing our styles of North American music for us, because I have always just wanted to hear their music.

The cover art, “Sunrise at Pineland,” is a depiction of one of our beautiful sunrises on Pine Island. Dianna Willman is a local artist who perfectly captures the essence of our island life. You may see more of her paintings at

Island Skies

Island Skies

Cover Art:  “Boats” by Boyan Dimitrov

iTunes Downloads
Guitar Bossa Nova F. Tuma 4:50
Bomba Francisco F. Tuma 5:22
Brazil is Calling F. Tuma 4:34
Cumbia F. Tuma 5:38
Joropo F. Tuma 5:28
Africa is Calling F. Tuma 5:36
Modern Bachata 1 F. Tuma 5:28
Lambada F. Tuma 5:30
Classic Cha Cha 1 F. Tuma 6:56
Special Bossa Nova F. Tuma 6:37
Timba F. Tuma 5:26
Guaguanco F. Tuma 7:23
Crying Guitars F. Tuma 6:53

On this CD I have gone back to the Caribbean styles of music.  The Lambada and Cumbia come from the Central American Countries.  The Joropo styles are primarily from  the  South American  region, and of course, the Islands that are nearby.  The Bossa Nova styles are also from South America, primarily Brazil, and their Islands.  Guaguanco and Timba are Cuban music; and the Samba that goes so  well in  Mardi Gras parades is a favorite all over Central and South America and  comes  from Brazil and  the beautiful  Caribbean  Islands.

You will love this CD.

Island Mystique


Cover Art: “Refugio Beach” by John Comer

iTunes Downloads
Karma F. Tuma 6:51
Little Boys Dreams F. Tuma 6:46
Sreggae F. Tuma 4:38
Samba Brazil F. Tuma 5:43
Casotchack F. Tuma 4:55
Passage of Time F. Tuma 7:24
Rumba Napolatana F. Tuma 4:40
The Old World Meets The New F. Tuma 5:29
Funk Groovin F. Tuma 5:19
Kyoto Lounge F. Tuma 5:31
Sensual Dance F. Tuma 4:12
Climbing through Life F. Tuma 6:02
Blue Ballad F. Tuma 5:09
Island View F. Tuma 5:49

This CD is particularly interesting because of the range of beautiful song styles from around the world, not just from the Islands. From the music, you can visualize the beauty, mystery, loneliness and other deep feelings resulting in this music. The adventures of life come alive in this music that allows us to dream of going to many beautiful places and experiencing all the beauty and adventures they offer. Please listen and let your imagination run wild ……. and enjoy!