Island Secrets


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Love Reggae Forever F. Tuma 5:40
Samba Is For Dancing F. Tuma 4:30
Love On Island Time F. Tuma 7:56
Tacata Dance F. Tuma 5:35
C’est Mia Vie F. Tuma 5:21
Tribal F. Tuma 4:52
Rock Boogie F. Tuma 6:49
Caribbean Sailing F. Tuma 4:37
Spanish Remix F. Tuma 4:25
Samba Acoustic F. Tuma 5:37
Lazy Reggae Is Good F. Tuma 6:31
Rolling Blues F. Tuma 6:47
Our Changing Universe F. Tuma 8:06

This CD is a beautiful mixture of Island music that is very appealing and rhythmic. This music came with people who brought their favorite music from other countries and settled in the Islands. This musical mixture tells a story about the Island people and where they came from. For example, C’est Ma Vie, Tacata Dance, Spanish Remix and Tribal came from European and African countries.

It also explains why this music has such wonderful rhythms and unique melodies. The Islands are small enough to eventually cause the music from all of these places to mix together. The musical sounds arouse memories and yet have various rhythms combined into them that provide a special uniqueness from each Island.

Island Jammin’

Cover Art: “The Key Player” by Richard Duval

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Modern Latin F. Tuma 5:13
Guitar Crying F. Tuma 6:40
Bomba In My Heart F. Tuma 4:17
Slow Singing F. Tuma 5:58
Latin Rock Hit F. Tuma 5:18
Swinging Beat F. Tuma 5:08
Calling For You F. Tuma 7:21
Close Dancing F. Tuma 7:30
Zydeco F. Tuma 4:28
Heaven F. Tuma 5:29
Breathing Again F. Tuma 5:10
Fast Smooth Jazz F. Tuma 5:45
Train Ride Home F. Tuma 7:48

This music contains a wide span of song styles that have been popular for a very long time. There are many dance styles that are stimulated by this rhythmic music. As usual, the rhythm doesn’t just come from the various types of drums, but also from the counter rhythms played by the solo instruments. These days, this type of music is played not only on the islands and countries in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, but all around the world.

Island Reggae

Cover Art: Connie LoPresti

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Pop Reggae 2 F. Tuma 5:58
Calypso Frank F. Tuma 6:10
Guitar Reggae F. Tuma 5:38
Limbo Your Tears Away F. Tuma 5:00
Reggae Blues F. Tuma 5:39
Calypso Dreaming F. Tuma 6:48
Dance the Reggae F. Tuma 6:05
Limbo and Be Happy F. Tuma 4:24
Please No Cry F. Tuma 6:48
Reggae On The Beach F. Tuma 5:02
Limbo Easy F. Tuma 5:04
Reggae For Me F. Tuma 5:22
Calypso For Lovers F. Tuma 7:36

This CD concentrates entirely on Caribbean music. In fact, there are three styles of music on this CD which are also the most popular: Reggae, Calypso and Limbo. There is no way you cannot be moving your body and trying to dance even if you are driving a vehicle while listening. I couldn’t stop myself from moving while I was composing, arranging and playing the music.

The cover art by Connie Jean LoPresti perfectly captures the colorful island atmosphere depicted in this CD. Connie has loved painting all her life. Upon retiring 10 years ago she started to join classes and other artists learning more about techniques and play every day. Living by the water and being surrounded by birds and palm trees is her inspiration. Connie finds joy in painting nature!

Island Images

Cover Art: Dianna Willman “Sunset Sail”

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Unplugged Beat F. Tuma 5:18
Modern Ballad 1 F. Tuma 5:59
Slow Latin Pop F. Tuma 6:37
Kool Beat F. Tuma 7:16
Vintage Pop 2 F. Tuma 7:06
Acoustic Rock F. Tuma 4:26
Pop Bossa Nova F. Tuma 6:02
Guitar Bossa Nova F. Tuma 4:51
Pop Latin F. Tuma 4:47
Soft 8 Beat F. Tuma 4:31
Standard 16 Beat F. Tuma 7:15
Desert Shuffle F. Tuma 6:52
Unplugged Reggae F. Tuma 5:15

This CD is unique regarding the individual range from my other CDs. However, the strong rhythms and back and forth solo instrument responses are very similar to my other CDs. The Latin and Island influences are very obvious and exciting. While I am performing these songs I very often get carried away with the rhythms and almost forget which song I am performing, or which key I am playing in. I hope you enjoy this CD as well.

The cover art also reflects the vibrant beats of island life and was captured perfectly by the artist, Dianna Willman.

Island Sails

Cover Art: Adapted from “Sails” by Ursula Abresch

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Modern Latin F. Tuma 5:13
Love for All F. Tuma 7:22
Bachata Easy F. Tuma 6:20
Natural Bossa Nova F. Tuma 6:22
Bomba Dance F. Tuma 4:42
Andean Plus F. Tuma 5:40
Bolero Ranchero F. Tuma 5:37
Easy Strumming F. Tuma 5:30
Meditation Bossa Nova F. Tuma 7:17
Modern Bachata F. Tuma 6:38
Modern Bossa Nova F. Tuma 6:46
Latin Rock 2 F. Tuma 5:16

This 72 minutes of exciting, deep feeling music comes from within my heart and soul. The music is mostly of Latin origin. This immediately lets you know that it is very rhythmic. While I am playing this music, my feet are dancing many different steps. Even my upper body is moving all around behind the keyboard. I think it will have the same effect on you.


Island Colors

Cover Art: Adapted from Posters
“Ensemble” by Elli & John Milan, and “Fiesta I” by Janet Blumenthal

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Driven My Life Away F. Tuma 7:11
Kontiki F. Tuma 6:30
Lazy Reggae F. Tuma 5:35
Devil in Disguise F. Tuma 4:35
Irish Dance F. Tuma 5:00
Brazil F. Tuma 4:10
Night Away F. Tuma 4:05
Love Reggae F. Tuma 5:40
This World F. Tuma 4:51
Release My Body F. Tuma 5:50
Surrender F. Tuma 5:25
Banana Boat Song F. Tuma 4:10

This CD is very unique from most of my others which concentrate primarily on Caribbean music. On this CD I used musical styles from the Mediterranean and various places in the Pacific, as well. While traveling to these places, we noticed that the buildings and surrounding terrain were extremely colorful. The color is therefore in the music and also the buildings and landscapes; hence, the title “Island Colors.”

Island Musica

Cover Art: Adapted from Posters
“Ensemble” by Elli & John Milan, and “Fiesta I” by Janet Blumenthal

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Fast Bossa Nova F. Tuma 7:52
Reggae is Life F. Tuma 5:28
Dance the Bossa Nova F. Tuma 5:48
Joropo F. Tuma 5:20
Classic Salsa F. Tuma 6:15
Gypsy Dance F. Tuma 4:40
Andean F. Tuma 4:40
Bossa Nova 3168 F. Tuma 4:36
Latin Club F. Tuma 5:24
Guitar Bossa Nova F. Tuma 5:42
Latin 3-4 F. Tuma 5:02
Analog Ballad F. Tuma 7:49

This CD has a strong Brazilian musical influence. There are Bossa Novas and several other styles from that country. Reggae and other Latin styles are also hot on this CD. I really enjoyed the emotion required to compose and arrange this music. It brought back many hours of excitement and great memories from listening spellbound to this style of music while in bars and market places in Central and South America.

Island Tempos

Cover Art: Adapted from
“Steel Drum Festival” Poster by Robert Harding

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Calypso Memories F. Tuma 7:19
Bossa Nova for Lovers F. Tuma 5:40
Sunrise F. Tuma 5:47
Spanish Dance-1 F. Tuma 5:54
Latin Bolero F. Tuma 6:35
Reggae is in My Soul F. Tuma 6:10
Classic Cha Cha F. Tuma 6:00
Let Go My Heart F. Tuma 6:36
Smooth Latin Jazz F. Tuma 6:20
Pop Reggae F. Tuma 5:25
Loving You Slowly F. Tuma 7:12
Calypso Dreaming F. Tuma 6:50

The songs on this CD are all loaded with rhythm instruments that hold your attention. The song’s melodies have counter rhythms as well, which interact with the drum rhythms, resulting in an unusually exciting effect. The solo instruments have an interesting interplay which makes you wonder what is coming next. These arrangements were purposely composed in this manner to keep you involved with each song, much like the music is played in the Caribbean.

Island Breezes

Cover Art: Adapted from “Evening Ferry Ride” Poster by Ursula Abresch

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Samba Dreaming F. Tuma 6:19
Calypso in my Heart F. Tuma 6:50
Reggae is Forever F. Tuma 4:53
Dancing on the Beach F. Tuma 4:38
Cool Bossa Nova F. Tuma 7:55
My Island F. Tuma 6:18
Soft Bossa Nova F. Tuma 5:50
Oya Cha Cha F. Tuma 6:24
Beguine of Love F. Tuma 7:47
Latin Jazz F. Tuma 5:27
Dance of Love F. Tuma 5:16
Soft Rhumba F. Tuma 7:48

Whether you are dancing, humming along, or dreaming of beautiful islands surrounded by different color shades of water, you for sure are put into a wonderful and positive mood. Each song makes you dream of a beautiful place with happy dancing people enjoying exotic music. You will probably try to figure out where you have to go to enjoy this type of music. Just keep dreaming and you will eventually find your beautiful island paradise.


Island Sounds

Cover Art: Adapted from “Bass ic Instinct” Poster by Alfred Gockel

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Don’t Take My Beautiful Island F. Tuma 6:44
Rhythms of the Universe F. Tuma 7:11
Old World Meets the New F. Tuma 5:30
Rhumba of Love F. Tuma 6:35
Don’t Worry Hurry Me F. Tuma 5:35
Easy Groove F. Tuma 6:35
Limbo Rock F. Tuma 5:46
Slide Blues F. Tuma 5:33
Playing on the Beach F. Tuma 4:24
Funky Sisters F. Tuma 5:45
Please Take Me Home F. Tuma 4:15

These emotional songs are inspired by various locations in the Caribbean. Their rhythms will make you move your body while you dream of love and beautiful places. You will hear the waves washing up onto the beaches and clearing away the clutter of everyday life from your mind. You will want to visit the Caribbean and enjoy the beauty of nature and the music.

Island Nature

Cover Art: Adapted from “Caribbean Catch” Poster by Scott Westmoreland

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Samba Enredo F. Tuma 5:28
Mariachi Son F. Tuma 4:53
Timba F. Tuma 5:30
Bayon F. Tuma 4:49
Latin Smooth Jazz F. Tuma 7:05
Samba is Primo in Brazil F. Tuma 5:00
Carnival Madness F. Tuma 4:12
Bamba F. Tuma 5:35
Sambalegrie F. Tuma 7:46
Limbo F. Tuma 5:01
Dance the Merengue with Me F. Tuma 6:31

These songs are made for dancing. They will remind you of the skills that native dancers have in the Caribbean Islands and bordering mainlands of Central and South America. Regardless of your dancing skills, you will feel as though you were made for moving to these rhythmic beats and you will smile inside and out.

La Isla De La Pasión

Cover Photo by Patricia Magaña

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Guaguanco F. Tuma 7:23
Banda del Rio F. Tuma 5:17
Quadriglia F. Tuma 5:10
Charanga F. Tuma 6:19
Senora Tropical F. Tuma 6:34
De La Sierra F. Tuma 5:02
Trio Bolero F. Tuma 6:04
Vallenato Pop F. Tuma 7:11
Mariachi Polka F. Tuma 4:42
Mariachi Waltz F. Tuma 5:45
Greek Rhumba F. Tuma 3:25

The music on this CD is exciting, lively and definitely Central American. It comes mostly from all the different States of Mexico. The introductions and endings of Mexican music are especially full of variations and unusual rhythms. The melodies are exotic and sensitive. There is no question that the Mexican folks have to sing, dance and compose music even if that is not their occupation. There are strong emotions including love, joy, sadness and just plain fullness of life.

I have spent many years sailing the waters and driving through the countrysides, mountains and towns of Central America. I have always been impressed by the open friendliness of the people and their emotional singing and music that has actually changed my view of life.

Island Tango

Cover Art by Leonid-Afremov

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Bacha Tango F. Tuma 7:00
Unplugged Guitar F. Tuma 5:54
Xasapiko F. Tuma 6:16
Classic Salsa F. Tuma 6:11
Limbo Easy F. Tuma 5:50
Mambo F. Tuma 5:17
Modern Tango F. Tuma 6:43
Can’t Stop The Blues F. Tuma 8:33
Paso Dance F. Tuma 4:50
Bomba Dance F. Tuma 5:35
Django F. Tuma 6:26

This CD has a large variation of dance style music. They are very rhythmic and unusual in their variation of origin. The songs are very typical of Caribbean music that comes from a wide span of countries whose people settled in the islands. The music from all of these places blends together in a uniqueness that immediately catches your attention. You can sense their origin and yet feel the islands that they come from.

Once you start listening to this CD you will find it difficult to stop, and your mood will be happy and relaxed.